Concrete Services

We are a specialist maintenance company with a well organised and highly motivated team behind us. We have the following services:

Comprehensive range of products for all concrete repair applications for both new and existing structures. Vertical and overhead cementitious mortar and fluid micro-concrete repair system, columns suffering from major loss of section repairs, voids, honeycombing., Larger scale repairs and general concrete and masonry repairs., etc.

We provide all types of concrete floor coatings including anti-slip epoxy and polyurethane concrete floor coating systems, self-leveling, screed, for use in industrial warehouses, food production plants, loading zones, car parking, shops, etc.

High performance waterproofing systems from basement to roof for both new and existing structures. Acrylic and epoxy coating that is suitable for use in water tanks, reservoirs, swimming pools, roofs. Also, membranes to fill leaks, cracks and gaps on any surface that require a leak tight solution to insure installation quick, simple and reliable protecting concrete from attack by aggressive ground salts Rapid setting mortar which can be applied to horizontal, vertical or overhead surfaces at a wide range of thickness for emergency water-stopping capability, Injection waterproofing to fill any structural leaks

Protective coatings products offer high performance protection for steel, concrete and many other substrates against degradation, rust, carbonation and even graffiti attack, etc.. to insure long term durability, high aesthetic appeal and protection.

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