About Us

Named after an historical river in Hama- Syria, Hama is one of the oldest cities of the world. Orontes river houses the wonderful water plant (the very famous wooden water wheels which called NORIA), that were built by the Romans 3000 years BC in Hama; it was responsible for 80% of Hama’s daily water supply for potable or irrigation purposes.

Orontes Company was incorporated in October 2011 under the Qatar company registration laws as an Enterprise that specializes in the building materials field and in particular in the sales of central air conditioning equipments, plumbing and various kinds of other materials.

Orontes is the Qatar representative of world renowned manufacturers of central air conditioning products such as Rosenberg fans of Germany, Tecofi valves of France, and Southern Cross pumps from Australia. We and through our partners in UAE, in the past two decades have covered wide areas of GCC and some other middle east countries. We as group of companies seasoned and experienced team of staff covers areas like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon... Our engineers, shuttle between these countries offering pre & post sales services like advice, support and follow up services to our clients, distributors and end users.

Orontes vision is to become a service driven company which define success by comprising a corporate portfolio of unmatched performance and commitment towards our valuable customers and our world class partners.

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